Cilymaenllwyd Volunteering

Cilymaenllwyd Volunteering is a group of enthusiastic volunteers who come together to clear and maintain a network of footpaths in the community.

Many footpaths are currently being cleared under the Cilymaenllwyd Footpath Restoration Project funded through UK Shared Prosperity Fund – Sustainable Communities, delivered through Carmarthenshire County Council.

The project focuses on a specific area in the heart of Cilymaenllwyd – in the beautiful valley of the Afon Wenallt. This wildlife-rich site is considered an ancient woodland and the footpaths being restored run along the Wenallt.

This is an exciting project as it creates great outdoor opportunities for the whole community – promoting health and well-being; creating safe walking spaces; enriching our relationship with the local area and fostering pride with our heritage and culture. This clearing work also enables walkers to connect to other important routes such as the Landsker Borderland Trail and it also restores walking infrastructure between villages.

Volunteering opportunities currently include cutting back overhanging vegetation from the footpaths, species surveying and plant identification. Volunteering also provides an opportunity to meet people, keep fit, share knowledge and experiences and of course, enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you can spare a whole day or a few hours, the time you give makes a huge difference. 

If you would like to sign up as a Cilymaenllwyd footpath maintenance volunteer, please contact us by e-mailing:

Y Gronfa Cymunedau Cynaliadwy / The Sustainable Communities Fund


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