Wildlife Recording Training 24th July

Want to learn how to identify and record wildlife?

Why not join us for an exciting day of wildlife identifying and recording with West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre at the Cardi Bach Heritage Centre, Login on Wednesday 24 July 2024 from 10am – 3pm.

This in-person event is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about the incredible wildlife around us. You’ll have the opportunity to explore and discover various techniques for recording wildlife in your local area.

  • Bring a notebook and a pen/pencil to record anything useful
  • Come equipped with suitable clothing, and sturdy shoes for the wonderful, variable Welsh weather! We may go out for a walk to record what we can find in the area
  • Come prepared and download our App or sign up on the website so you can get stuck into recording on the day
  • Refreshments available for £3
  • All welcome. Children to be accompanied by adults

Booking essential through Eventbrite:

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experts and contribute to local conservation efforts.

Organised by Cilymaenllwyd Community Council in conjunction with the Cilymaenllwyd Footpath Restoration project.

Any questions – cilymaenllwydcc@gmail.com